Metro ready to begin investigating shaking homes around Petworth

After months of residents' expressing their concerns to Metro, WMATA's third-party vendor, Wilson Ihrig, is ready to being studying vibrations and noise at homes in the area. Petworth News first reported this issue back in December 2016 after a meeting between residents, ANC Commissioner Timothy Jones and WMATA representatives. Residents report their homes are experiencing noise and shaking caused by, they believe, Metro trains running below ground on the Green and Yellow lines. 

According to an update from Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd's office on May 2nd, Wilson Ihrig has completed their testing plan and has identified specific homes where they plan to test for vibration and noise. Those homes will receive information packets and waivers to allow Ihrig to test on their property. Residents will have two weeks to review and return the waivers. The plan is to begin testing in early June.

Joshua Fleitman from CM Todd's office sent an email out last week saying he's heard from some residents that while vibrations reportedly calmed down for awhile, they have again increased in intensity. 

"Councilmember Todd continues to take this matter extremely seriously," Fleitman wrote. "He has spoken with the WMATA General Manager about this both privately and publicly when he gave a presentation at the Council’s retreat last month. We are committed to working with WMATA to find a solution here, and will not stop until one is found."

Let me know if you receive an information packet and waiver.

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