New PSA 404 Lt Raul Figueras

Turns out there's been a change to the MPD PSA 404 management. The new lieutenant for PSA 404 is now Lt Raul Figueras. (I previously reported it was Lt. Hargrove, but according to 4D Commander Manlapaz, that has changed and Hargrove is now with PSA 405.) I reached out to the new LT to welcome him to the neighborhood and to share some background on him.

A native Spanish speaker, Lt Figueras has been a police officer for over twenty years, sworn in August 1994, and a lieutenant for the past nine years. He was previously assigned to the Fourth District in 1999 when he was promoted to the rank of sergeant. He was assigned to PSA 410 in Mount Pleasant, and when Mount Pleasant became part of the Third District, he was transfered to follow the PSA to 3D. Raul was promoted the rank of lieutenant in February of 2006 and assigned to the Seventh District in PSAs 706 and 704. He's proud to say that PSA 704 won the PSA of the Year award two years ago.

He and his wife and bought their first house in Mount Pleasant, where their first two children were born. As their family grew, they moved when they realized they needed more room.

"I was assigned as the lieutenant to PSA 404 this week, and am in the process of learning the PSA since its been quite a while since I last worked here," Lt. Figueras said. He has been walking the business district along 14th Street in order to begin meeting residents and owners. "I've noticed a lot of changes since I was last here, all good ones," he said.

"I believe that this is the best district in the city," Lt. Figueras said. "I am looking forward to meeting and working with everyone to make this the best PSA in the city."

Lt. Figueras works the evening tour of duty and is off on Sundays and Mondays. The best way to reach Lt. Figueras is by email at

Welcome to Petworth, LT!

BTW, the new management list for 4D, sent out by Cmdr Manlapaz, is below:

Captain Mark Carter will supervise the PSA managers for PSA 407, PSA 408 and PSA 409 (

PSA 402 & 401: Lt. John McDonald (
PSA 404: Lt. Raul Figueras (
PSA 405: Lt. Kenneth Hargrove (

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