New ANC 4C03 Commissioner Elisa Irwin

ANC 4C Commissioner Joe Martin sent out an email regarding the empty 4C03 seat (previously held by Jeff Standish, who resigned in March to move to Minnesota). Elisa Irwin (1500 block of Varnum St NW) is the only person to submit nomination papers by the deadline. Without any other candidates, it now goes to a 5-day challenge period. If no challenges, then Ms Irwin can be sworn in as early as the next ANC 4C meeting (May 13th).

I reached out to Ms Irwin previously for an interview but never heard back. I'll try again and see if we can introduce her to the neighborhood.

Joe's email is below:

The DC Board of Elections announced this morning that Elisa M. Irwin of the 1500 block of Varnum Street NW submitted nomination papers by yesterday's filing deadline, putting her in line to be the next commissioner for SMD 4C03.

No other candidates from the single-member district stepped forward to run.

The Board will post the nomination papers for a five, business-day challenge period. Barring any successful (and unlikely) challenges to the nomination papers, the Board will declare Ms. Irwin as qualified and appointed to fill the vacancy. At that point, Ms. Irwin may be sworn in as a commissioner by any member of the city council and take a seat with ANC 4C as early as the May 13th meeting of the ANC at the Petworth Library.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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