Petworth Market offers new treats

Another tasty, busy day at the Petworth Community Market! Thanks to all the vendors and neighbors who humor me with posing for pictures!

A special shout out to Elsa from The Little Peeps Emporium! Elsa Speezio and I met randomly on the National Mall at the beginning of May during the Arsenal of Democracy WW2 plan flyover. And now I meet her selling handmade jewelry at our very own Market. Elsa has been selling at the Petworth Market for a few seasons now, having first heard about it when she sold at the Upshur Street Arts & Crafts Fair.

Samantha and Hannah enjoying strawberries from Radix Farms.

I also met Hannah and Samantha who were sitting and enjoying strawberries from Radix Farms. "There were 5 different types of strawberries," said Hannah. "They all looked great. We couldn't choose!" But they did, as both were happily munching on their own small basket of berries.

Confection Connexion is new, and has some delicious-looking baked goods, including some pinafores, cookies and more. Owned and operated by Michelle and Jared White, they normally sell their items at the West End Alexandria market. "Petworth is a great area, lots of young families," Michelle said. "It's a hip and trendy place to sell." If you miss them today (don't, their stuff looks great) they'll be back on June 13th with the Union Kitchen vendor rotation.

Kristen Carbone from Radix Farms said this year at the Market has been busier, with more families and neighbors coming. She owns Radix, and offers beautiful veggies and starter seedlings for people to grow their own. (Oh, and 5 kinds of strawberries apparently.)

Maria Mandle is selling her local Petworth Market posters that are quickly becoming the iconic look for Petworth events. 

Days like today make it easy to Celebrate Petworth.

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Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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