Petworth Jazz Project on Saturday, August 29th

Courtesy Butcher Brown & Dave Parrish Photography

The next Petworth Jazz Project is this Saturday, August 29th on the lawn at Petworth Park (8th and Taylor St NW). 

Courtesy Baba Ras D

The kids' performance starts at 5:30pm featuring the always popular Baba Ras D

Baba Ras D, whose name means "Father of Kings and Queens," is the creator of "Harambee." Every presentation offers a creative atmosphere "where the children celebrate learning through movement and song." In Swahili, Harambee means "all pull together." Harambee is the practice of hope, possibility and compassion -- basically, all the things that happen when we all come together. This is a don't miss for the little ones.

Then the main act goes on at 6:30pm, featuring the "punk jazz funk" music of Butcher Brown. They describe themselves as "Straight out of the underground, a steady rumble is building and it’s called Butcher Brown. Pulsing from the nerve center of Jellowstone Studios in Richmond VA, Butcher Brown takes careful note of the history and legacy of jazz and throws caution to the wind with wanton abandon. Garage punk jazz funk on the low end of the dial gives way to delicate and elegant compositions as the band shows off without trying. These are not just players, these are musicians." 

Courtesy Butcher Brown

"Butcher Brown — the Richmond, VA, quartet of multi-instrumentalist Devonne Harris AKA DJ Harrison (keys), Keith Askey (guitar), Andrew Randazzo (bass) and Corey Fonville (drums) — is one of the most uproariously good bands to break onto the scene in recent memory. Their free EPs, a & b-sides, have a replay value that two works gotten for free from the internet just shouldn’t sensibly have. This group is good, too good, like if Madlib’s solo-jazz project, Yesterday’s New Quintet, suddenly sprouted three more heads. They’re cool without trying. They’re funky but not cheesy. They sound like a jam session in a cloud." – Anthony Dean-Harris, NextBop

Ian Hilton and Chez Billy are sponsoring this month's performance.