Petworth Jazz Project Saturday

Courtesy of Corey Wallace

Update: Tonight's Jazz Project is cancelled due to the rain. Next month!

I highly recommend you go to the Petworth Jazz Project at the Petworth Park (8th & Taylor St NW) on Saturday, June 27th from 6-9pm if you:

a) like jazz
b) have kids
c) like good pizza
d) wanna hang with neighbors
e) all the above

Courtesy of  Baba Ras D

Courtesy of Baba Ras D

Baba Ras D will perform at 6pm for kids (if you don't know Baba, he's like the Bob Marley for 3 and 4 year olds, they love / are obsessed with him). He's also an incredibly nice guy. 

The Corey Wallace DUBtet will perform at 7pm for everyone, and should offer a great show. From listening to some of Corey's music, we're in for a treat.

And lastly, Timber Pizza Co will be onhand with their portable brick-oven and will be making outstanding pizzas.

Here's hoping the weather cooperates!