August Petworth Jazz Project (huge photo gallery)

It was a happy and crowded Petworth Park for the August Petworth Jazz Project.

Starting with Baba Ras D at 5:30, the field was packed with families to listen to the toddler/younger oriented music. (I often describe Baba as the Bruce Springsteen for kids -- they adore him.)  

That's some serious stroller parking.

Butcher Brown came on around 7 and they were wonderful -- an insanely talented band. And from their expressions while playing, they were digging it too. "Hello kids! We're not use to playing for kids, this is great!"

There's a small gallery photos on Facebook that you can feel free to tag, and the full set is below. There are some great portraits here (I get to have a high opinion since I'm the photographer & blogger). If you see a photo of yourself that you would like, email me and I'll be happy to send you the high resolution version.  

Kudos to organizer Tom Pipkin for another great Petworth Jazz Project. Next month is the last event for this summer -- don't miss it! And look for the next Petworth Dance Project on Saturday, September 12th.

Click the photos to enlarge.