"Penny Brew" coffee pop-up to open on Mondays at Domku

(Photo: Rachel Pace)

(Photo: Rachel Pace)

Kera Carpenter’s Domku Cafe (821 Upshur St NW) is normally closed on Mondays (everyone deserves a day off). Several times in the past, however, Kera has opened the doors on Mondays to other chefs and aspiring restaurant owners to have their own “pop-up” restaurant, giving new entrepreneurs the chance to test out their food.

Starting next Monday, January 18th, a new coffee and events concept called Penny Brew will start serving fresh-brewed coffees and small eats at Domku. Open every Monday from 8am to 3pm, Penny Brew is the passion of Rachel Pace, who’s hoping the pop-up will give her the experience (and community feedback) she needs to open her own shop next summer. 

photo: Rachel Pace

Rachel, a resident of northeast DC, met Kera at Nurish, the restaurant incubator that Kera used to own at the Anacostia Arts Center (Nurish is now closed).  Kera encouraged Rachel to come to Petworth open the pop-up at Domku and try out her concept.

With Penny Brew, Rachel is looking to offer a streamlined menu of quality, blended bean drip coffees from a local supplier (the coffee is a medium roast, with hints of citrus, according to Rachel). Her espresso drinks (lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos) will use a bean sourced from a small company in Pittsburgh. She will also offer herbal teas and decaf coffee (for those strange people who apparently can wake up all smiles and energy in the morning without any help). 

In addition to the coffee and teas, Penny Brew will offer fresh-pressed juices from Turning Natural, locally made granola, sour cream pound cake, veggie quiches and her take on sausage and biscuits using rosemary biscuits and chicken sausage. 

“I’m excited about opening Penny Brew in Petworth,” Rachel said to me when we spoke this week. “I hope everyone is as well and can come enjoy the coffee and the community space.”

Check out Penny Brew on Mondays at Domku from 8am - 3pm.