MPD & EMS respond to Dunkin Donuts

I was down at Dunkin Donuts this afternoon with a friend when EMS, the Fire Department and MPD roll up and converge on the store. Five patrol cars and even a Segway officer responded to a passed out person, and after a few minutes they rolled a man out on a stretcher.

I met PSA 409 Lieutenant David Augustine who was on the scene, and while he wouldn't tell me what was happening ("It's an ongoing investigation," he very politely said), I chatted with some other non-MPD on the scene and found out it was a likely heroin overdose. 

I saw the guy they wheeled out: young white male in dress shirt and dress pants -- your average office-worker looking fellow.

What terrible addiction makes someone go to Dunkin Donuts to shoot up?

Side note, I did have a great conversation with Lt. Augustine about Petworth and the changes in the area. It's great to hear the confidence he expressed in the decreased crime and improvements in the neighborhood. (And my daughter thought his bald head looked just like mine.)  ;)

Lt. Augustine, PSA 409 manager