Petworth Dance Project is Saturday in the Petworth Spray Park

Yeah, in the spray park. How cool is that?

According to Dance Project organizer Sara Herrera-Kopetchny, the timeline for Saturday's (July 11th) activities featuring Light Switch Dance Theatre will be 7-7:30pm performance in the spray park, followed by Rainbow Joe doing a drum and dance party for kids from 7:30-8pm. Then the Light Switch Dance Theatre begins the second half of the show at 8:05pm.

I highly recommend coming to the Petworth Dance Project. It's a wonderful addition to our cultural activities in Petworth. (Here's my previous article about the Dance Project.)

"This is the first site specific performance of the season, with the first half of the show performed in the Petworth Spray Park. You do not want to miss this beautiful and thought-provoking performance," said Sara. 

Light Switch Dance Theatre (established in 2012) is a sites-specific project based contemporary dance company dedicated to multi-disciplinary performances in non-traditional spaces. Sandra Atkinson, MA (Artistic Director) creates work in a collaborative manner inspired by the human condition, social justice, matters for science & technology and art of all mediums. LSDT strives to provide performances to the general public making any place a performance space.

The Girl Child Project: Private/Water & Traffic
Sextet: 25 minutes
Private/Water focuses on the lack of water, indoor plumbing, and privacy for women and children in certain parts of India. These elements have been sited a reason for the rise in sexual assault of women and children.

Produced from research on the sustainability of the Patuxent River and the community this body of water serves in Maryland

"I hope you will join us for this performance! It's outdoors! It's FREE! It's dance! What's not to love!"

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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