Kilroy's Cleaners closing on Upshur, new condos on the way

Kilroy's Cleaners, 826 Upshur St NW

In another sign of change in Petworth, long-time business Kilroy's Cleaners (826 Upshur Street NW) is closing up on July 1st and moving to Virginia after losing its lease.

According to owner William Schaffer, the store is not able to renew its lease as the building owner has sold to a developer. Apparently the owner had multiple offers on the property, and offered Kilroy's additional time as the offers were reviewed. That time is up at the end of the month.

Mr. Schaffer said Kilroy's has an existing facility in Virginia and will be moving the equipment and business there. He said most of the current employees will be making the move as well since they are not opening a new store in the District.

"I've been here 35 years. Seen a lot of changes," Mr. Schaffer said. "This area has certainly gentrified since 1982. I don't really want to move, very costly, and we have established a loyal following for our service. But, PROGRESS!"

I wouldn't be surprised to see a raze permit and a big condo going up at the location. Shame to lose a long-time business, especially one that many seem to like.

Do you have any suggestions on other dry cleaners in the area that your neighbors can use? Leave a comment below...