Local residents talk about why they chose Petworth

Belinda Garza, Matt Hartwig and cutie Graciela

Belinda Garza, Matt Hartwig and cutie Graciela

There's a nice article on UrbanFamily.com about local residents Matt Hartwig and Belinda Garza and their reasons for moving to Petworth to put down roots. For them, it was about the community. 

I've met both Matt and Belinda at local social and community events, and they are very engaged in the neighborhood.

From the article:

"Petworth is one of several neighborhoods in D.C. that’s seen a transformation as a result of the city’s landmark growth in recent years. New restaurants and businesses (including “an actual bookstore that sells books,” Hartwig wrily notes) have popped up within walking distance—and for the couple, so has a community."

Belinda is quoted saying about Petworth: “The neighborhood is changing so much, and so quickly, that all the residents are really active in what’s going on,” Garza says. D.C.’s growth has led to the development of New York-style enclaves with their own identities. Says Hartwig, “Each neighborhood is developing its own vibe. This one feels very family-oriented. You still have a nice mix of new people with longtime residents, who have seen the neighborhood go through all kinds of transitions.”

Source: Read the full article on UrbanFamily.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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