Lemonade Social starts again in Southwest Petworth

One of the greatest neighborly things to emerge last year in our area was the creation of the local Socials. From Grant to Sherman and Southwest Petworth, they're a great way to meet people who live near you. You can even stop by if you don't live near but just want to meet outgoing, interesting neighbors.

The Southwest Petworth Lemonade Social is Wednesday, April 27 from 6:30pm until dark at the grassy triangle located at the intersection of Kansas Ave & Quincy St/13th St. If you haven't been before, this is a great way to hang out with your neighbors in a casual, relaxed setting.  It's very family friendly -- kids, elderly and pets welcome.

The social will continue on the fourth Wednesday of every month.  Same time, same place. 

Spread the word!  Feel free to bring friends, family and neighbors who may not know about it. 

Wearing an awesome cowboy hat is not required, but damn it looks good.

Woodie Head, Kirsten Spainhower, Lee Magruder, Karen Shaw and Ron Ceasar.  "We're here because we heard about it from our neighbor, and we wanted to meet our neighbors."