Community meeting on working with young adults & returning citizens

ANC 4D Commissioners Nancy Roth and David Sheon

Commissioner David Sheon sent out an email that I meant to share. He's scheduled a second meeting at the Brightwood United Methodist Church (8th & Jefferson St NW) at 6:30 tonight (May 31st) to talk more about non-judicial ways to help at-risk youth and returning citizens. If you live in the area or are concerned about the ways to help reduce crime while helping those most in need of support, you should consider attending.

We're bringing together young adults seeking job opportunities with neighborhood volunteers, community leaders, and others who want to lend a helping hand so that as a community, we can be sure we are doing everything we can to help our young adults, including returning citizens, to find a job or career path that's right for them.

The meeting will be at Brightwood United Methodist Church, at 8th and Jefferson Streets, at 6:30pm.  This is a planning meeting - an open discussion to decide on how to create a program in late June that will benefit as many people in need as possible.  

Examples of those who can help: volunteers willing to bring a laptop and help a young man or woman write their resume; men and women who have a professional skill they would be willing to share with a young adult; teachers; adult returning citizens who can serve as role models and mentors; and attorneys, willing to donate time to help expunge the record of those convicted of minor offenses.

Pastor Gerald Elston at the church, Commissioner Nancy Roth, and volunteer Nicole Porter are wonderful partners in helping to make this event happen.  Thanks to them for their leadership and support.  I have asked Jasmin Benab from the Mayor's Office of Community Relations and services, and Dolly Turner from Councilmember Todd's office to lend a hand by extending invitations to representatives of various DC services so that they too can lend a hand in planning the event.  I appreciate their help as well.

It's my sincere hope that you will come and join this all volunteer effort. 

Best wishes,

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