A shooting on Varnum & 8th Sunday night leaves no injuries but many questions

(Petworth News stock photo)

Readers reported hearing the sound of gunshots on Sunday evening, April 1st, around 8th and Varnum (also reported at Webster and Illinois Avenue, but this was the same incident... sound just carries).

It's a wacky story.

According to MPD, an Uber driver dropped off a passenger in the 800 block of Varnum Street NW around 10:45pm or so (time isn't locked down). When the passenger exited the vehicle, a woman seemingly came out of no where and jumped in the vehicle. She told the Uber driver to “Get out of here!”

At that point, an unidentified male shoots a gun at the female passenger, missing her. 

The Uber driver immediately sped off and took the passenger to a destination in Maryland. The Uber driver then drove back to the scene approximately 30 minutes later and discovered a bullet hole in the trunk of the vehicle.

MPD canvassed the area and did not find any shell casings found at the scene. Detectives are attempting to locate the female passenger who was shot at and fled in the Uber.