Funny cabbie, here's your pic!

When I was at 7th and Decatur taking pictures around Sherman Circle yesterday, a city taxi drove up to the corner and started calling out to me. I realized he was saying "Take my pic!"

I went to oblige him when I noticed, sitting right above him on the roof, was his snack: a container of red grapes. "You might want this first," I said, grinning and handing it to him. He was totally confused at first, then he laughed. 

"You're the Petworth News guy, right?" he said, "Yeah, I know you. I live right up there, a few streets back!"

We both had a good laugh, and I took his picture as he offered me a grape to share. Unfortunately, another car came along and I didn't get the chance to ask him his name, but he wanted to see his picture. So, here's your picture funny cab man!