A fashion follow-up: Petworth had their finger on the pulse

(Ed note: At the August Petworth Jazz Project, contributing writer Lois Cooper interviewed residents (and a Canadian) about their fall fashion predictions. After spending time at the New York Fashion Week supporting a DC designer, Lois has this follow-up.)

by Lois Cooper

Every September, the air is abuzz with talk of fashion, styles and trends. On Saturday, September 10th, Petworth hosted it first Fashion Fest that coincided with the New York Fashion Week. A few weeks before that, I did some street interviews at the Petworth Jazz Festival to gauge whether folks in Petworth had their finger on the pulse of fashion and upcoming trends. I am happy to report that Petworth Fashionistas were quiet savvy in some of the predictions!

Important colors from the runway were "jewel tones," including amber and greens. The "classics" did return like trousers and the trench coats, although they have that "millennial" spin to them.

Styles for Spring and Summer 2017 are more relaxed and casual. Pajama-inspired sleep / day wear is big. “Loose fitting silhouettes” did emerge, sometimes taking on symmetric as well as asymmetrical styles with exaggerated details to keep it interesting.

A local artist and designer Yvette Crocker from NE DC received a lot of love when her bold graphic apparel and signature butterfly maxi skirt hit the runway.

It was an amazing glance at fashion for the upcoming Spring and Summer 2017 season, and Petworth people have their finger on the pulse!
 Be well!

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Lois Cooper

Lois is a native Washingtonian and proud parent of two daughters who recently graduated from college. She is the founder and Director of the District of Columbia African American Legacy Foundation (DCAALF), a grassroots organization that helps underserved populations.

Lois is also the creator and producer of the “The Pride and Promise of Petworth” documentary. Ms. Cooper credits Petworth with helping her to develop into the person she is today. You can email Lois with questions or suggestions on articles about social issues.

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