Dunkin makes a bad choice, becomes a "grab & go" instead of sit-down coffee shop

Dunkin Donuts at 850 Quincy Street NW

I like Dunkin, other people seem to like Dunkin, but Dunkin has changed. It’s not you, it’s them.

The Dunkin Donuts at 850 Quincy St NW has changed it’s license to be a “grab & go” location, meaning they’ve eliminated the seating and closed the bathrooms. This is a real shame for the community.

Dunkin takes up a large retail space under the Park Place apartments (which has had issues with filling their empty retail since the building was constructed) that can better utilized instead of left so largely empty now.

At one time, that location was going to be a southern cuisine restaurant.

My daughter loves donuts from Dunkin, and we’ve enjoyed going there, grabbing a coffee and a hot chocolate and two sour cream donuts, and having a quiet Saturday or Sunday morning together.

No tables, no bathrooms. But they have coffee.

I know this Dunkin has had a lot of problems with high school aged students filling the establishment after school — enough so that MPD bike patrols started hanging out front in the afternoons to calm things down after several fights. There was even an overdose in their bathroom once. I get it — it’s been difficult. But reducing options for the community is a bad choice.

They used to have some comfy chairs and more tables, then they removed the nice furniture, and now… they’re getting rid of it all.

Say goodbye to the seating…

At this point, I’d rather see a restaurant in this spot and have Dunkin relocated further down in Park Place to a smaller space, freeing this up for something useful.

But hey, Qualia has better coffee anyway.

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