Draft agenda for ANC 4C April meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C meets on Wednesday, April 13th at 6:30pm at the Petworth Library (downstairs in the Community Meeting room).  

DC Attorney General Karl Racine will be at the meeting to discuss the role of the Office of the Attorney General, his priorities, and what the office has done on behalf of the community since he has taken office. 

SPECIAL NOTE: An asterisk appearing after a Commissioner's name or agenda section indicates public comment will be considered. 

1.    Call to Order (6:30pm) 
2.    Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners (6:33pm)
3.    District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine (6:38)
4.    Approval of Agenda (6:40)
5.    Reading and Approval of the March 2016 Meeting Minutes (6:42pm)
6.    Treasurer’s Report, Commissioner Halpern (6:44pm)
7.    Dolly Turner, Councilmember Brandon Todd’s Office
8.    Michael C. Lewis, II, Mayor Bowser’s Office
9.    Metropolitan Police Department
10.    Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker

Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration Matters*
1.    El Don Restaurant, 4401 14th Street NW, ABC License Renewal, Commissioners Uqdah/4C01 and Teutsch/4C05
2.    Taqueria Habanero, 3710 14th Street NW, Proposed sidewalk café, ABRA-098996, DDOT Tracking #10231066 - Commissioner Halpern/4C04
3.    Washington Heights Bar and Grill, 3714 14th Street NW, Proposed sidewalk café, DDOT Tracking #10235219 - Commissioner Halpern/4C05
4.    El Sol, 3911 14th Street NW, ABC License Renewal -  Commissioner Teutsch/4C05
5.    Twisted Horn, 819 Upshur Street NW, Summer Garden Meeting Update, ABRA #098175 – Commissioner Hayworth/4C07
6.    Miriam’s Café, 3931 14th Street NW, License Renewal, ABRA #75536 - Commissioner Teutsch/4C05

Board of Zoning Adjustment*
1.    3700 14th Street NW - Case #19088 - UPDATE - STATUS REPORT Variance allowing the construction of a new, four-story, mixed-use building In the C-2-A Zoning District at 3700 14th St NW (Square 2826, Lot 96) Commissioner Halpern/4C04
2.    4424 Georgia Avenue NW, Case #19230, Special Exception Variance application of John B. Knotts and Richard Hiltner for variances for rear-yard and parking requirements to permit the construction for a mixed-use project in the C-2-A District at 4424 Georgia Avenue NW (Square 2917, Lot 37), Commissioner Hayworth/4C07
3.    824 Varnum Street NW, Case Number 19233, Special Exception Variance converting a two-story dwelling into a three-story apartment house in the R-4 District (Square 3014, Lot 50) Commissioner Hayworth/4C07

1.    Fresh Vistas Farmers Market Grant Application, 14th and Kennedy Streets - Commissioner Uqdah/4C01
2.    Petworth Dance Project Grant Application - Commissioner Martin/4C09

New Business (Outside of BZA and ABRA issues):
1.    Resolution of Support for 14th and Kennedy Farmers Market  -Commissioner Uqdah/4C01
2.    Grant application changes - Commissioners Uqdah/4C01 and Goodman/4C10
3.    Proposed by-law change pertaining to ANC 4C website Commissioner Irwin/4C02
4.    Hope Cooperative TOPA Support - Commissioner Halpern/4C04
5.    Universal Paid Family Leave Resolution - Commissioners Teutsch/ 4C05 and Hayworth/4C07
6.    Letters of support - Celebrate Petworth Day and Petworth Jazz Project - Commissioners Hayworth/4C07 and Martin/4C09
7.    DDOT Traffic Study Request for SMD 4C10 - Commissioner Goodman/4C10

Old Business:
1. Contract for administrative staff / hiring of part-time employee – Commissioner Halpern/4C04 /Treasurer
2.  14th and Randolph Streets, Update on Traffic Calming - Commissioner Halpern/4C04 and Teutsch/4C05
3.  Security Cameras Refund Update – Commissioner Teutsch/4C05