DPR survey asks for your opinions on the Petworth Playground renovation

Google satellite view of the Petworth Playground at 8th & Taylor Sts NW

The Petworth Playground at 8th and Taylor Streets NW is getting a $2 million makeover, and the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) and Department of General Services (DGS) just released a survey asking for your opinion on the changes. You can take the survey in one of three languages and help shape what the playground will look like and what features it will have. The survey will close in three weeks.

Here's the survey in English... Spanish... and Amharic.

Peter Nohrden from DPR's Capital Projects, Planning and Design, said, "We use this information to help decide on the priorities of how the money is spent on the project. We will not hold another meeting until the architect has been hired, which will hopefully be done in a  couple of months."

The renovation project will focus primarily on updates and enhancements to the playground, the splash park and the basketball courts. The survey asks about:

  • Amenities
  • Usage
  • Park activities
  • Your likes and dislikes about the park
  • What new amenities you might want
  • What kind of playground equipment to use
  • Choosing a playground equipment theme, such as bright colors, modern, natural, ... "pet" theme for "Petworth" (please, no)
  • Opinions on the surface of the kids' playground 
  • Updates to the splash park equipment
  • What theme the splash park equipment should have, such as bright colors, modern, natural, ... or again, a "pet" theme for "Petworth" or keep the existing theme. (Ok, a pet theme for the splash park could be kinda cute)
  • Any landscape improvements you'd like to see occur at the park

Your opinion here will absolutely impact the design and what features the park will have, so if you use the park, take 10 minutes and complete the survey.

"We are excited to work with DPR/DGS to offer this opportunity to get broad input from the  community on the park renovation effort," said Lucan Pipkin, who's on the board of Friends of Petworth Park. "We will also have volunteers onsite collecting data while the survey is open over the next three weeks." 

Here's the survey:

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