Domku potluck community party on Saturday, closing after brunch on Sunday

Kera Carpenter closes Domku on Sunday, June 26th with a last brunch of her delicous pancakes. On Saturday, June 25th, she's throwing an open house pot-luck party to celebrate her 12 years running the Eastern European-Scandinavian restaurant -- and you're invited!

I spoke with Kera on Thursday night after the kitchen closed at Domku. "No one is cooking on Saturday," Kera told me with a laugh, "So people can bring pot luck dishes, whatever they want. Saturday is about using up whatever is left -- we have lots of aquavit," she added with a smile. "It'll be a community gathering, since Domku has been a community effort. And that's how I'd like it to end."

The rules at Domku are simple...

The party kicks off at 6pm on Saturday night. They'll have an accordion playing, compliments of David Sexton, and might have a Swedish Folk Dancing troupe come in to entertain (that's TBD). You're also welcome to bring your own beverage of choice, since the stock at Domku may not last the night (hopefully!).

On Sunday, Domku will be open for its last pancake-only brunch from 10am - 3pm. From 5-6pm on Sunday, Kera will be selling everything not nailed down in the restaurant. Some things have already been spoken for (every chair and the coffee maker, apparently), but barstools, artwork and chandeliers are available. For example, the barstools are $65, and the artwork is $75.

I remember visiting Domku when we first moved to Petworth 12 years ago when it was the only sit-down restaurant on the 800 block of Upshur. Kera's toddler daughter, Zarina, used to come up behind the couch I would sit at and bop me on the head with a pillow. People held parties at Domku, and Kera has worked hard over the years to help Upshur Street and Petworth be a tighter community. 

Come by on Saturday night to wish Kera and her daughter well, and stop by on Sunday for one last brunch and give them a fond farewell.

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There's lots of love from the community for Domku