Walls of Books hosts a fundraiser for DC African American Legacy Foundation

Walls of Books, the new community bookstore on Georgia Avenue in Park View, is hosting a fundraiser for the DC African American Legacy Foundation (DCAALF), on Saturday, June 25th from 6-9pm. A percentage of money raised going to the DC Books to Prisons project (“Programs like ours are one of the few options available to prisoners seeking books.”).

According to DCAALF, their mission is to "enlighten, unite, serve the underserved and connect the native African American Legacy and History with emerging communities."

Tickets are $25, available on Eventbrite >

Also, young author Lexi P of "Curly Girls Love Your Curls" will be at the fundraiser, with live entertainment by Lalibela Faraba (Duke Ellington School of the Arts) and light hors d'oeuvres drinks being served. 

DCAALF's founder and director Lois Cooper, explains DCAALF as a "grassroots organization created to inform, transform, connect communities and serve the underserved. Beneath the pageantry, the pomp, and the transient population that changes with each administration is a group of residents that call DC home. Residents like me, who were born in DC General Hospital, went to DC public schools, and played jump rope in front of my Northwest residence. During the summer we went to vacation bible school and enjoyed cook outs at Haines Point, Rock Creek Park, and Fort DuPont. We gathered at summer in the park concerts and looked forward to the shows at Carter Baron. Yes, DC is home for me.

DCAALF Founder and Director, Lois Cooper

I’ve done some traveling and have found no place that offers the unique experience to the population the way DC does. DC has that big city flavor and small town proximity. No wonder so many want to call DC “home”. Transportation is convenient and it’s political power and connections are unmatched in the world.

After the 1968 riots many people, blacks and whites, took flight to the surrounding suburbs. Some stayed with the belief that one day our city would rise like the phoenix from the ashes to live out its true creed of being a beacon of light to all.


That day has come. Washington has transformed to an ultra-modern oasis with all the amenities that any resident could ask for. New businesses are attracting new residents who in turn are fueling the local economy and growth. The truth is, Washington’s resurgence is being fueled by gentrification.

Not all residents are likely to benefit from the metamorphosis. A large portion of DC’s African American population will be nudged out by the escalating cost of residential living and current condo construction and development. Native Washingtonians have seen this play out before in Georgetown and the displacement of African American residents in the Southwest Washington’s Urban Renewal Project."

The foundation's vision - to "enlighten, unite, serve the underserved and connect the native African American Legacy and History with emerging communities" - and your help, will continue to spur conversation about how to change, while preserving what already makes DC great."

Be sure to pick up your tickets and support DCAALF and DC Books to Prison.