Upcoming DDOT meetings about Webster / Varnum, and Grant & Sherman Circles

Traffic pylons on Grant Circle

DDOT is holding a series of unrelated meetings about traffic issues along Webster and Varnum Streets NW, as well as two separate meetings about Grant and Sherman Circles. And an update on the playground at Grant Circle...

Webster / Varnum Streets NW

The first meeting on changes to traffic patterns for Webster and Varnum is being run by DDOT's Emily Dalphy (along with Councilmember Brandon Todd). Ms Dalphy will review plans for traffic changes to Webster and Varnum set to start in the Spring. (On the table are changes to one-way  / two-way streets, new stops signs and other traffic calming efforts.)

The meeting with be held on Thursday, March 22 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the MPD / Boys & Girls Club Building at 801 Shepherd Street NW.

Grant Circle Calming Update

According to ANC 4C Commissioner Joe Martin, DDOT will have more to say about Grant Circle safety in coming months (and will provide data). A recent study of Grant Circle suggests significant gains in pedestrian safety as a result of the traffic-calming measures DDOT implemented last year.

(Note from Drew: Personally, I think the pylons in the Circle and the badly designed merge on New Hampshire northbound above Upshur are all a bit ridiculous. On the flipside, I haven't heard of any collisions, though I've seen some spectacular near misses...)

The small playground on the northside of Grant Circle.

Grant Circle Playground:

Also according to a recent email from ANC 4C Commissioner Joe Martin, National Park Service Rock Creek Branch Superintendent Julia Washburn said the playground in the triangular parcel across from St. Gabriel's on the north side of Grant Circle is getting some much needed attention and improvements in the near future. Superintendent Washburn sent Commissioner Martin an email about the changes:

"We have plans to fix up the playground and can move forward now that the weather is getting better. We will be replacing parts of the structure and sanding and sealing other parts. We can’t expand the size of the structure due to safety setback regulations, and don’t have funding for full replacement. However we think we can get it into better conditions suitable for safe play."

DDOT's Ted Van Houten discussing Sherman Circle at a prior meeting.

Sherman Circle Meeting

According to Ted Van Houten, a DDOT transportation planner, DDOT will be holding a community meeting regarding upcoming changes to Sherman Circle. The meeting will be held on Thursday, April 5th from 6:30pm - 8:00pm at EL Haynes' gymnasium (4501 Kansas Avenue NW).

"The meeting is to follow up on previous community meetings held last year. At this meeting, we will present data analysis from transportation studies conducted at the circle, including the temporary closure of one lane which took place last September. We will share comments we heard from residents, and discuss next steps."

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