DDOT gets ready to make traffic changes at 13th & Spring - new lights, one-ways and more

DDOT proposes changes to lanes, lights and traffic direction at this convoluted intersection. (courtesy DDOT)

Back in October of 2018, we wrote about possible changes coming to 13th Street, Kansas Avenue, and Spring Road by DDOT. Those changes are now on the way, according to an email from Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C Chair Bennett Hilley. She sent an email with details of the upcoming traffic and roadwork changes. DDOT modified the plans based on community feedback, according to Hilley.

Construct a right-turn lane on northbound 13th Street, with a protected right-turn arrow and “No turn on Red” signs. They hope this will resolve safety issues with pedestrians crossing Kansas Avenue and cars turning right.

  • Add pedestrian signals to crossing of Quebec Place, as well as Kansas and Spring Road crossings.

  • Relocate pedestrian signals to improve crossings.

  • Build / update the sidewalk ramps (ensuring ADA compliance).

  • Convert Kansas Avenue between Spring Road and 13th Street to one-way southbound.

  • Prohibit left turns from northbound 13th Street to Kansas Avenue.

  • Prohibit left turns from southbound 13th Street to Kansas Avenue.

  • Prohibit right turns from southbound 13th Street to Spring Road.

  • Prohibit left turns from southbound Kansas Avenue to Spring Road.

  • Upgrade the signal infrastructure at the intersection.

  • Upgrade street lights to LED.

According to DDOT, the proposal is based on recommendations from the Rock Creek East Livability Study II, and is designed to increase pedestrian safety where these three roads merge together. DDOT is recommending changes to traffic signals as well as the construction of new turning lanes and convert some sections to one-way to help traffic flow.

  • DDOT will be providing a dedicated left turn signal phase for drivers turning left from Spring Road onto 13th Street (to provide drivers more time to make this left turn) This change occurred as a result of community feedback.

  • DDOT is no longer proposing to prohibit the left-turn movement from southbound 13th Street to Quebec Place (as was originally proposed in the NOI).  This change occurred as a result of community feedback and because of internal DDOT coordination related to the Hebrew Home redevelopment.

  • DDOT will still be moving forward with the conversion of Kansas Avenue between Spring Road and 13th Street to one-way southbound.  DDOT’s letter includes its reasons for pursuing this change; the primary being the need to reduce traffic conflicts at this intersection in order to make it safer for all users.

  • Updates to the intersection will be occurring soon, so you are likely to see crews out working on the intersection improvements shortly.

Read DDOT’s Notice of Intent and ANC 4C’s letter of support.

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