DC Stoddert Soccer is expanding their reach into Petworth this fall [sponsored]

The largest non-profit youth soccer organization in DC, DC Stoddert, has announced a new “Juniors East” program that includes Petworth. The program will be nearly identical to DC Stoddert’s already successful “Juniors” program with the one major difference: all practices will take place east of Rock Creek Park.

The program will run over the course of eight weeks and will include two weekday training sessions as well as eight weekend intra-squad games. According to Stoddert’s website, “The program is designed to help prepare interested players born in 2011, 2012 and 2013 for Travel-level competition in the Club Champions League (CCL). The curriculum is based on latest US Soccer age-appropriate methodologies led by professional coaches with experience in youth player development.”

The Juniors East training will focus on individual player development. Technical training will be a priority in order to develop the fundamental skills necessary to be successful in later years. Stoddert knows that long term skill development is essential. Coaches will introduce tactical decision making, physical development, and psychological development, while all the time developing a love of the game of soccer.

Registration for the program is currently open on stoddert.com until August 21st.

There are two days scheduled for tryouts in order to ensure that all players wishing the join the program can attend a tryout session. The first day for tryouts is Monday, August 19th, from 5:00pm to 6:15pm at Raymond Recreation Center. The second option for tryouts is Wednesday, August 21st, from 5:00pm to 6:15pm at Riggs-Laselle Recreation Center.

DC Stoddert will continue to expand programming east of Rock Creek Park with the Juniors East program being the pilot for these programs. To learn more, email dcstodderteast@stoddert.com.

Keep an eye out for DC Stoddert Soccer’s Juniors East program this fall as Stoddert continues to develop the next generation of DC soccer!

This is a sponsored article about DC Stoddert soccer.