Crandall on Nat Geo: pics of the "real DC"

Local photographer Bill Crandall has a well-deserved reputation as a talented and prominent DC photographer. He was published today on the National Geographic PROOF website, in an article and picture story called "Forget Capitol Hill, These Images Show the Real D.C." by NatGeo Assistant Photo Editor Becky Harlan. 

Featuring Crandall's photography from around our local area (Shaw, Bloomingdale, Petworth), the pictures offer a snapshot of DC life away from the big dome downtown. 

More often than not, Washington, D.C., is associated with power and politics, with a dash of fireworks and monuments thrown in for good measure. That stereotype of the capital is exactly what photographer Bill Crandall avoids in his mysterious compositions of the District’s neighborhoods. His camera isn’t in the press pool but is turned on the “real city where people live.”

Check out the full article and gallery on the National Geographic PROOF website.

And congrats to Bill Crandall for being published on National Geographic!