Cheers & kudos to Petworth-area MPD officers serving at the inauguration protests

MPD officers of CDU 42 from Petworth. (photo courtesy MPD Lt. Washington)

MPD officers from Petworth police service areas 403, 404, 407 and 409 participated in the protection and crowd control efforts at the protests during Friday's inauguration. In my opinion, MPD did an outstanding job protecting residents and visitors, using restraint to ensure those acting lawfully were able to exercise their Constitutional rights... and those who were causing damage were dealt with appropriately. 

These officers were part of Civil Disturbance Unit (CDU) Platoon 42 (commanded by Lt Anthony Washington, who leads PSA 407). Two of the offices in the above photo were injured in the line of duty on Friday. The officer of the front left, Freddy Pujols, and the officer on the front row, second from the right, Lonnie Curwen were both injured (ankle and knee injuries, both are home resting and will be ok).

"Petworth should be really proud of how hard their officers worked in defending the city against violent protesters, as hard as they work daily in the Petworth community!" said Lt. Washington.

Here's to MPD, thank you for your efforts!

Sgt. William Kelly  -  Officer Alicia Mease  -  Lt. Anthony Washington (photo courtesy MPD Lt. Washington)