Ugly Bathroom from the 70s? No need to spend $20K on a new one… re-color it! [sponsored]

by Marc Dosik
Sponsor & guest contributor

I couldn't believe this when one of my clients showed it me and had to share it. The client emailed me about a very positive experience he had with a local company who refinished his bathroom tile.  When they changed his tub and tile from blue to white, it looked great!

Here are pictures of the client’s bathroom after new tile put in:

He used Renew It Company, which has been in business for 23 years. Their restoration process saves the homeowner as much as 75% of the cost of a bathroom replacement. Their website explains why this is so economical, and they offer over 100 different solid colors and over 85 different multi-tone granite look colors. These coatings are sprayed right over your existing tile walls and they eliminate mildew from forming. Renew It also installs, refinishes and restores tile floors. 

Below are samples of older bathrooms that need an update.  Many older bathrooms have colored tubs, toilets and tile in colors like yellow, blue or pink. Does this look like yours?

Colors can be applied to:

  • Countertops

  • Interior Walls

  • Patios

  • Fiberglass

  • Cabinets

  • Ceramic Tile

The products they use are durable and very low maintenance, making it a popular choice among homeowners, hotels, hospitals, and apartment managers.  Even bathtub manufacturers use Glas-Tech 9000.


Some companies that offer these services…

Renew It Company:
Our client used Renew It Company described above.  Other companies in the area provide similar bathroom remodeling and refinishing services, although we have not worked directly with them.  Some of those include:

Virginia Bathtub Refinishing:
Their claim is that reglazing is the most economical way to spruce up a bathroom for a fraction of the cost of a full bathroom remodeling.  They offer a 5% discount for seniors, military, law enforcement, nurses and teachers.

Maryland Tub and Tile:
Serving DC and Maryland, this company also transforms worn or damaged tubs, tile and countertops to a new look and feel.  This is a family-owned business since 2005.

AK Bathtub Refinishing:
They claim to use the most durable and longest lasting coatings available in the industry.

Top Bathtub & Tile Reglazing:
Their advice is this:  While it may take dozens of hours and thousands of dollars to replace your old tub, refinishing a bathtub takes less than a day and is far more affordable.

Bathroom Restoration Pros:
This company spells out a multi-step process that preps the surfaces, protects the surrounding area, repairs chips, cracks and scratches, then applies a polymer coating.

All of these companies provide free estimates and a 5-year warranty.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate maintains a list of local vendors who can handle any repairs or renovations that are needed either after purchase or before sale of the home.  Let us know if we can make any recommendations for your house.

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