The first Petworth Bandstand is this Sunday! Come out for awesome music, food, drinks and charity!

The first Petworth Bandstand is this Sunday, February 11th from 1-4pm at Petworth Citizen (829 Upshur St NW). We put out a call for local bands and got a great response, and have 9 local bands that are set to perform on February 11th, March 11th and April 8th.

The shows are FREE! Plus, 10% of all food and beverages will be donated to a local charity or non-profit (much thanks to Paul Ruppert, owner of Petworth Citizen!). If you want to make a donation while you're at the show to help the charity, everyone will nod at you appreciatively.

And hey, there's an updated menu at Petworth Citizen with three different kinds of wings. I had the buffalo wings the other night, and they're delicious!

Here's the three bands set for Sunday, 1pm:

7th Street Rockers

A two-man band comprised of Eric Emmanuel Smith on vocals and David Grinspoon on guitar, their band name gives them strong local preference! (The fact that David is a published astrobiologist certainly makes this geek happy, too!) This is their first show with the new band name, so come support a local band! Check out a track on Soundcloud: "Jolene."

Proper Pets

Proper Pets is a local band that plays soul, funk and rock (they practice right on Quincy Street). They have a great sound. You can see some videos of their performances on their website.

From their site: Lead singer Ashley Lowe discovered the potential in her huge, expressive voice as part of D.C.’s District Karaoke league. “You learn not to take yourself too seriously when you’re singing ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ dressed as a sexy Oompa Loompa,” she says about her multi-championship-winning Karaoke tenure. Her next step was to link up with D.C. rock scene veterans Larry Calhoun, Sean Jones, and Evan Oxhorn, formerly of English Basement and Check Your Linens, to compile a songbook that is as fun for the band as it is for the crowd. 

Daniel Rosenbush

Daniel Rosenbush is a singer-songwriter and story-teller through song hailing from the north lands of Minnesota. His folk-rock, melody driven, story songs will keep you tapping your feet and humming along all afternoon. Dan has a great voice and sound, and is a great addition to the Bandstand. He plays rock, pop and some Christian rock. I listened to him on Spotify and got hooked. Check him out on Facebook and listen to him on Bandcamp. And come see him on Sunday, February 11th!

The March and April shows will feature the following local bands: