Agenda for tonight's ANC 4D meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4D meets tonight at Truesdell Elementary Campus, 800 Ingraham St NW at 7pm. Their draft agenda is below. Commissioner David Sheon will not be in attendance.

1.     Call to Order (Colbert)
2.     Roll Call, Determination of Quorum (Colbert)
3.     Approval of Agenda—note change of meeting order (Colbert)
4.     Approval of December and November 2015 Meeting Minutes (Colbert)
5.     Treasurer’s Monthly and Fourth Quarter Report, FY 2015 (Branton)
6.     Election of Officers (Colbert)
7.   Approval of ANC Security Fund Participation (Colbert)
8.   Old Business:
      a.  Update on Castellos (Colbert on Sheon’s behalf)
      b.  Report on ANC Holiday Party and Coat Drive (Colbert)

9.   New Business
      a.  ANC Committees forming:
          - Voluntary settlement agreements (Colbert for Sheon)
          - Community activities: 4D parties and events (Colbert)
          - Problem properties: vacant/blight; neighbors behaving badly (Roth)
      b. TBD

10.  Community Comments (2-3 minutes)
11.  Guest Speaker: Christopher Shorter, Acting Director, Dept. of Public Works (Colbert)

12. Announcements
      a. Passing of Mr. Joseph Kelley           
      b. PSA 403 meeting on Wednesday (Bowser)
      c. Howard Univ. garden project (Colbert)
      d. Health Fair, spring 2016 (Colbert)    

e. February invited guest speakers:
      - CMs Silverman and Grosso on 16-week family leave legislation
      - Howard Univ. doctor on heart disease

13. Adjournment (Colbert)