845 Upshur gets a new owner... maybe a new restaurant to come

845 Upshur Street NW, as it sits now, half renovated and still empty.

845 Upshur Street NW, which used to be China American Inn fast food, was destined at one time to become Alfie’s Thai food, then it was going to be a British gastropub. Now, according to Chef Alex McCoy, it’s going to be something else entirely, he just isn’t sure what. But what he does know is that it won’t involve him.

“After much thought, and almost three years of planning, we have decided to not open at 845 so that we can focus on Lucky Buns,” Alex said. “It was a very hard decision, and one that we were quite torn about. We all love Petworth — I’m still a Petworth resident — and we spent a very long time trying to figure out how to manage all this.”

The building was purchased by Marc Dosik, who also owns Help-U-Sell next door (also being renovated and enlarged). Marc is also a partner in Lucky Buns and Alfie’s, along with Alex McCoy.

“There will be a restaurant that will open in the space, and that’s exciting,” said Alex. “Since Marc is the owner of the building, this doesn’t mean we will never open on Upshur, just not right now. Perhaps down the road a bit longer.”

The 800 block of Upshur has changed a lot in the last several years. In the picture below, you can see the old China American Inn, the pizza spot that is now Lullabelle’s, what used to be Habitat for Humanity before Help-U-Sell moved in, and the Island Cafe, where Petworth Citizen is now.

What do you want to see in this space?
Coffee shop? Deli? I doubt we need another bar…

Looking at 845 Upshur Street from 2011 (photo: Google maps)