It's time to register for your free visitor parking pass


If you live on a block that requires a Residential Parking Permit to lawfully park on the street for more than two hours, then you also have access to apply for a free Visitor Parking Pass for guests who stay at your home.

Visitor Parking Passes (VPPs) allow guests to park on restricted blocks within the single member district of the homeowner (for example, 4C10). A VPP does not waive the requirement to register a vehicle in the District after 30 days of establishing residency or seeking a Resident Out-of-State Auto exemption. Passes are not necessary on holidays or other times when parking restrictions are not subject to enforcement.

VPPs are available one-per-household (or group home) and are good for one year, and have to be renewed annually. They’re free for residents to obtain, though you need to reside on a RPP block and generally need a valid DC Driver’s License or Non-Driver Identification number. (If you don’t have a license or ID, you can still request a VPP if you’re a homeowner. Contact DDOT Customer Service Center at 202-671-2700.) Renters can get VPPs if eligible, check with your landlord for conditions.

To register for your free VPP:

Note that if you need a longer-term parking permit — say for a rental car or a newly purchased car that doesn’t yet have a valid registration sticker with the RPP validation on it — you can apply for a 15-day temporary visitor parking permit at the Fourth District Police Station (6001 Georgia Avenue NW). It’s a simple process as well (bring the registration for the rental / new car with you).

Not all blocks in Petworth require a Residential Parking Permit. If you’re unsure if your block has restricted parking, DDOT offers an interactive map of where RPP zones are located.

DDOT offers an interactive map of residential parking permit zones. (courtesy DDOT)

DDOT offers an interactive map of residential parking permit zones. (courtesy DDOT)