Ward 4 & At-Large election readers' poll results

Votes have been tabulated, and the response was great. In the 48 hours the Petworth News readers' poll was available, there were 595 votes cast, though not every response picked both a Ward 4 and an At-Large candidate. So... who won this unofficial readers' poll?

Ward 4 Councilmember

There were 384 votes cast for Ward 4, giving Leon Andrews the majority with 67.6% of the vote. Incumbent Brandon Todd received 27.7% of the vote, while Ron Austin and Calvin Gurley both received 2.3%. (One person submitted a write-in candidate...good luck, Chrysanthe!)

At-Large Councilmember

This was much tighter result between the candidates. There were 576 votes cast for At-Large candidates, giving Robert White the slight lead at 47.5%, David Garber at 44% and incumbent Vincent Orange received 8.2%. (Both White and Garber promoted the poll on social media, so that may impact these results.)

Where are voters located?

I asked respondents to share where they reside, and 358 people submitted a response. Not surprisingly, the largest number were from Petworth, followed by Brightwood, Takoma and other local neighborhoods. (Shout out to the person in Randall Highlands in Ward 7 who commented they are an active reader of Petworth News!)

Enlarge to see location details...

When will voters cast their real vote?

Finally, I was curious when people planned to vote: absentee, voting early or making the trek on election day. 536 people responded to this question, with the majority expecting to vote on June 14th. Get there early!

Make sure you vote! Thanks to everyone who participated in this readers' poll.

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Grain of Salt Caveat: This was a straw poll to offer a glimpse into how people in the Ward and across DC may be leaning. Petworth News makes no claims to this being an official or even vaguely scientifically accurate survey. I used a system that allowed one vote per IP address, so while that limited multiple repeat votes from the same person, it may also have limited valid votes from multiple people in a single household or office. Speaking of offices, a huge majority of people cast their votes from work. Props to readers at NASA, the US Senate and USDA. Also, a lot of you use AT&T for your mobile carrier. Has AT&T gotten any better in DC?