Your neighborhood blogger will be in Friday's Washington Post Express paper

If you take the Metro in DC, then be sure to pick up the Washington Post Express paper on Friday morning and look for an article about DC bloggers — you'll see me in it. 

Update, here's the article: "These local bloggers help D.C. keep up with the neighborhood"

I was interviewed for the article back in April, and WaPo Express sent a photographer to take pictures of me last month (oh yeah, you know I totally did that "too cool for school" pose next to the Petworth mural on Upshur St). Lori McCue, the Express' Features Editor who interviewed me was very nice, and the photographer Jason Hornick was a very cool, laid-back fellow. Looking at Jason's portfolio, I'm in good hands.

I have no idea what the article is actually about, or what deep thoughts they quoted from me, beyond that it's connected to blogging in DC. Here's hoping I come off as cool, knowledgeable and totally humble and not the complete opposite. Or maybe I get one line and a thumbnail photo? No idea. 

Look for the article in the printed paper, and it should be online on Friday as well (I'll share the link when I get it).

No matter what the article is about, it's some great attention for Petworth!