Vote for Petworth News for Best of DC 2019!

(photo: Washington City Paper)

So once again, the Washington City Paper is doing their annual Best of DC Readers’ Survey, and once again, you get a chance to vote for Petworth News for Best Community Blog!

Here’s how to Vote for Petworth News!

  1. Go to the Readers’ Survey page on the WCP website by March 3rd.

  2. Scroll down to Best Community Blog on the right side, and enter “Petworth News.”

  3. Enter your name and email address.

  4. Submit. (You can only vote once!)

  5. Feel good about spotlighting a local blog… then share with your friends and relatives!

For the three years this blog has been around we’ve been voted as runner-up for the Best Blog category each year — true, it’s really just a popularity contest for whomever gets out the most votes. Popville has won each year since his following is pretty darn massive (though… isn’t he more citywide now than a community blog? Meh, whatever) but I do wonder at the website “” which keeps sharing the runner-up status with me for two years in a row. It’s a national website, not a DC community blog?

Ok, either way, it’s fun — and if you want to vote for Petworth News, we sure would appreciate it!