Updated: Worker was stuck on tower by MPD 4th District, rescued by DC Fire & EMS [video]

DC Fire and EMS attempting to rescue worker from the towers (credit: Grayson Dixon)

This story has been updated with additional details, and to reflect the man has been rescued.

A maintenance worker was stuck on one of the radio towers up by the Fourth District police (6001 Georgia Ave NW), near the Walmart.

Reportedly, the worker went up the tower at 10am to do maintenance. Around 1:30 this afternoon he made a distress call, saying he was suffering from hypothermia. He was harnessed onto the tower.


DC Fire and EMS responded to rescue him — but he was 120 feet up in the air. DC Fire’s longest ladder only goes 100 feet high, so they decided to bring in a crane from a private company in Maryland to rescue the worker.

While that crane was being brought in, the worker managed to lower himself down to a DC fire fighter who helped him onto the fire ladder. The man was able to climb own on his own, and refused medical treatment.

All’s well that ends well.

Google Street view of the radio towers on Georgia Ave.