Celebrate Leap Year with 29% off at Upshur Street Books!

Upshur Street Books manager Anna Thorn

Upshur Street Books manager Anna Thorn

Gonna drop a logic bomb on you, get ready...

Every four years we elect a president, and every four years we celebrate Leap Year. This year is an election year for president. And this year President Obama visited Upshur Street Books...

Therefore, THE place to be this Leap Year Day must be Upshur Street Books.  BOOM! (Logic explodes everywhere like confetti. It's messy and beautiful at the same time.)

Ok, but seriously, Upshur Street Books is celebrating this Leap Year, Monday, February 29th, with a special one-day sale of 29% off the entire store. 

"There will be lots of exciting things happening at Upshur Street Books this Monday," store manager Anna Thorn said to me. "First of all, in honor of Leap Day, we'll be open from noon to 7pm." (They're normally closed on Mondays.)

"Second, EVERYTHING will be 29% off, which is awesome. Also, we’ll have cookies and coffee and little leaping toy frogs for kids (or adults). The store will be decked out and the displays will be full of great cookbooks, design books, graphic novels, and lots more."

Don't let this once every four years celebration pass you by! Come by Upshur Street Books on Monday, 2/29 from noon to 7pm and get a great discount on everything in the store, while feeling proud you're supporting a Petworth independent bookstore. It's the logical thing to do!