A new store for Upshur: DC Treasure antiques & collectibles


Upshur Street is getting another new business, this time on the 200 block next door to Slash Run. Noah David is opening DC Treasure, an antiques and collectibles store in the old Louisiana Gumbo Express at 205 Upshur St NW.

Noah has lived in Petworth since 2009, and has been refinishing old antique furniture and hunting for interesting collectibles for years. The shabbier and beat up, the better. He enjoys rehabbing furniture and collectibles, and bringing them back to a luster. "I think my stuff tends to be a little more rough around the edges. I'm usually after anything that's rusty, crusty, dusty, and occasionally musty — before I clean it up of course."  

He turned his passion and hobby into a side business, renting out garage space a couple of blocks from his house. He began selling his work online at his website and promoting via Instagram, as well as on Attic-DC, a website for antique shops in the city (run by Petworth resident Tarek Anandan, and the topic of a future Petworth News article!).

Now his side business has grown into a full-fledged job with DC Treasure. "I didn't have a grand plan for any of this," Noah said to me today. "I just started collecting stuff and selling it out of a garage I rented off Craigslist." 

When the Louisiana Gumbo Express building became available, Noah decided to open his store. "I actually fell in love with the Louisiana Gumbo building years ago and have wanted to do something in it ever since, I just didn’t know what. When it became available I was thrilled to be able to fulfill my little dream. Upper Upshur is gonna be booming again and I'm happy to be a part of it." 

This stretch of Upshur has a few vacant and unused spaces, and it's great to see them beginning to be used with quirky, interesting restaurants and retail. 

DC Treasure is hoping to open by the middle of this month. 

Noah David buying an old projector from a young customer. (Courtesy Noah David)