Results of the completely non-scientific survey of Ward 4 & At-Large Candidates

Photo courtesy  Daniel X. O'Neil

Photo courtesy Daniel X. O'Neil

Earlier this week I asked readers to take an informal survey on who they're considering to vote for in the upcoming Ward 4 and At-Large Councilmember elections. Huge, massive caveat that this was not a scientifically valid survey. For the most part it was wide open and people could vote multiple times. To help with that I manually removed obvious duplicates based on IP address, but still, take these results with the proverbial grain of salt. That said...

Here's how you voted for Ward 4 Council...


It was neck-and-neck between Leon Andrews and Brandon Todd while the survey was live, with Andrews and Todd taking turns leading the percentages. When the survey was closed, Leon Andrews received 46.7% of the responses, while Brandon Todd received 41.9%. Ron Austin received 4.5%, Calvin Gurley received 2% and "other" received 4.9% of the responses. (Most of the "other" responses were "undecided" or similar submissions.)

Here's how you voted for At-Large Council...


David Garber took the largest percentage with 54.8% of the responses, while Robert White took second with 34.8%. Vincent Orange received 7.6% of the responses, with 2.8% going to "other."

Survey Details
I turned the survey off after about 24 hours with 410 responses (even so, another 200 people visited the article today). Of those who responded, 396 voted for At-Large candidates, and 246 voted for Ward 4 candidates. That difference in number is probably because two of the At-Large candidates promoted the survey on their Facebook page, and they received a large response.

Responses came from all over the city, with a significant portion of responses drawn from Petworth (makes sense), as well as Brightwood (and Brightwood Park), Shaw, Navy Yard, Takoma, Shepherd Park, Capitol Hill, Dupont and Logan Circle represented with a big turnout. Only three stated replies from Brookland, but they may still be upset Petworth beat them to win the "Curbed Cup" for the Best Neighborhood in DC.  

I'll run another survey once I publish all the candidate interviews and see if that changes anything.

Candidate Interviews
I'm working on completing the interviews with the candidates now, and have met with two already. There's a lot to write up, which I hope will give you a good look at each candidate. Alas, I'm not taking questions from readers for the candidates at this point, if only to ensure that each candidate is asked the same questions.

First up will be Robert White's interview. If you want to read it, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook, where I post links to my articles as soon as they publish.

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