Casey Trees and the National Park Service team up to make Petworth a little greener

Trees are ready to be planted!

by Rachel Maisler

Tree planting season is upon us, and on Saturday, November 11th, the folks from Casey Trees will be doing just that. Armed with shovels and elbow grease, volunteers will be planting trees in Sherman and Grant Circles. That parkland inside both traffic circles is owned by the National Park Service. 

Replacing trees in the urban landscape lost to cars, humans and climate change benefits all users of the circles and preserves the neighborhood's green history according to neighbor Carol Herwig, who initiated the plantings through Casey Trees and the National Park Service. The tree in the center of Grant Circle is at least 100 years old and a piece of history unto itself. 

Each of the Circles are, according to Carol, the "Green landscapes around which much of Petworth was built, and they are among the rare examples of the L’Enfant Plan extending into the suburbs (as Petworth once was)," Carol said. "Sherman Circle, for example, was originally part of the developer’s plan to sell houses."

"Ever since I moved to Sherman Circle, I’ve observed an appetite for building community here," said ANC 4D Commissioner Amy Hemingway, whose SMD includes Sherman Circle. "From the monthly socials to the benches to the National Park Service clean-ups to the Halloween Parade and Nature Walk. The Sherman Circle tree planting is both enabling the preservation of this historic cultural landscape while inviting all neighbors to gather and celebrate it today and in the future."

Socials in the Circles are casual monthly gatherings in Petworth's signature green spaces. For more information about the socials, check out the Petworth News Community Calendar
Special thanks to reader Matt Smith for the tip about the trees this morning. 

Rachel Maisler

Rachel joined Petworth News first as the editor for the Community Calendar, and then against her better judgement, agreed to become a contributing writer to the blog in August 2016.

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