Riyad closed, neighborhood looks forward to new restaurant

(Pic courtesy Jeremy Dommu)

The Riyad Market inconvenience store at the 800 Block of Upshur St NW has closed and is now in the process of dismantling. To say that neighbors are pleased about this place closing is an understatement. Just check out the comments on the Petworth News Facebook page post about it.

The Riyad market closed due to the efforts by concerned residents in the neighborhood, good work by MPD on busting the Riyad for selling synthetic drugs and the outstanding work of Assistant Attorney General Michael Aniton on partnering with the community and the building owners to turn this from a neighborhood problem into a neighborhood opportunity.

Now we can look forward to Ruta del Vino, the new wine bar coming by the summer in the same location. Co-owner Justin Logan talked about opening the new restaurant in an interview with the Washington City Paper

“We thought it was a great opportunity for positive change in the area. We live here. We’re raising two kids here. We really want to be deeply embedded in the community—and we’re not going to sell synthetic drugs.”

Bye, Felicia! 

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