Local DC company remodelmate is offering Petworth residents $500 towards any renovation [sponsored]

Remodeling a home can suck. It can be stressful, unpredictable and is always costly. Enter local renovation heroes remodelmate, a local DC home remodeling technology company that makes remodeling your home as simple as “push button, renovate.”

Founded on the goal of creating a better renovation experience, remodelmate uses technology and transparency to bring you renovations that are completed in half the time for half the cost. (See below for information on a discount for Petworth News readers!)

So how does it work?

No onsite appointment
Gone are the days of in-home consultations. Remodelmate is all virtual. Get a great price and a transparent timeline for your project without ever having to take time off from work.

Milestone payments
Book for $0 and pay as work is completed. You only have to pay when you’re satisfied with the work completed by your installer.

Take a look inside Lauren's newly remodeled master bathroom, which was installed on budget and in less than three weeks using remodelmate Concierge. Hear why she chose remodelmate over the old school method of renovating -- it can benefit you, too!

Concierge-level service
Let remodelmate handle your renovation for you. Get expert help with design and let your renovation assistant deal with the stressful stuff like ordering, delivery, and returns – for a small fee.

Remodelmate is simply a better way to renovate. So much so that they’ve been featured in The Washington Post, Washington Business Journal, Forbes, Fast Company, and Remodeling Magazine.

** Discount for Petworth News readers! **

For a limited time, Petworth News readers get $500 off remodelmate’s exclusive Concierge service. Simply use the code PETWORTH when you book a project for free.

Hurry! This offer expires on August 30, 2019. No project minimums.

This is a sponsored article on behalf of remodelmate, a local DC start-up that is looking to make the home renovation process easier, more affordable and less stressful.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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