Rain spoils Oktoberfest at AFRH, event canceled

Regen, Regen, geh weg! Komm an einem anderen Tag zurück!

Thanks to Hurricane Joaquin and lots of rain, Oktoberfest at the Armed Forces Retirement Home has been canceled. Feel free to wear your lederhosen at home though (if you do, send pics!).

Here's the message from the organizers:

FALL FUN FEST CANCELLED. Dear Friends, We are so sorry to report that because of expected weather patterns this weekend, the Armed Forces Retirement Home and Friends of the Soldiers Home are not going forward with Fall Fun Fest. We are so sorry to do this because we were so much looking forward to a fun day, and we know that you are too. But forecasts are for an extremely wet, windy weekend, and we feel this decision is best for all. Have no fear! Fall Fest was cancelled in 2013 because of the federal government shutdown and we came back strong in 2014. We expect great things in 2016!