It's a Petworth News "Call for Sponsors!" is just over a year old, and it's time to look for sponsors for the website.

Looking for sponsors is my least favorite activity; I'd rather write articles than chase advertising. But since I spend 30+ hours a week doing this "hobby," the extra small income helps pay for web hosting, equipment, software and other web services. And frankly, helping to support local businesses and organizations is one of my favorite things to do. That's why I've avoided typical web ads or asking for donations. (Though I'm considering adding a few Amazon ads to spice things up.)

So if you have a business or organization in the Petworth area that you want to promote, I'm looking for new sponsors! (I prefer local, but am willing to accept larger DC-based companies or non-profits who offer a product or service that will directly benefit local readers.)

Get your ad seen by thousands of local people who care about their neighborhoods and about living in DC.

I try to keep the number of sponsors at any given time to about seven ads, so it's on a first-come, first-serve basis. I'd like to keep the number of realtor ads to no more than one or two, so if that's your thing, be quick!

Petworth News is read by approximately 20,000 people each month, and 90% live in Petworth and the surrounding Ward 4 neighborhoods. (I even have two US Representatives, one US Senator and five DC Councilmembers as readers.)

If you're looking for local promotion, email me.

What about conflicts of interest? Short answer, there aren't any. Organizations should sponsor Petworth News if they want to promote themselves to a wide yet local audience and show themselves supportive of a popular neighborhood media outlet. They shouldn’t be a sponsor if they think it means they get any type of editorial control.


I'm grateful to each company that has given Petworth News their support as free or paid sponsors (and can certainly still be sponsors in the future!). Make sure you reward them by visiting their websites and buying their stuff. They'll appreciate it!

Photo courtesy of Project Sigma-Orionis