Petworth Market continues to please

The Petworth Market in doing great today. I grabbed a few photos (below) and talked with a few vendors. You should definitely check out Black Pug Smokehouse if you get a chance today. They’re only at the Petworth Market 6 times this summer, as they are part of the Union Kitchen rotation.

Katy and Ted Wanstrath started Black Pug Smokehouse because Ted loves to smoke anything he can get his hands on. So they made it a business. They smoke meats, cheese, sea salt, peanuts (and then make some smoked peanut butter that I saw light up a child’s face with delight), and some crazy good pork spread they call “Jowl Jam.” It’s pig jowl that is cured for a week and then smoked for 4 - 5 hours. It’s a tangy, sweet, delicious taste. Great with a cheese plate or on a burger or… well, go grab some and see for yourself. They use all natural meat and cheese, and set up shop at the Petworth Market 5 more times this summer, 8 times in the Columbia Heights market and then in Alexandria.

I also spoke with Orin Menchan from Green Hope. They make vegetable smoothies that, as Orin describes them, “taste great and are healthy, with 70% veggies in every smoothie.”

Of course, you’ll find Radix Farms, Kuhns, Virginia Farms, Meat Crafters (who I hear makes delicious sausages), bread, smoothies, Teeny Pies, Number One Sons and more. And you’ll see lots of neighbors.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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