Petworth Jazz Project was groovy


The kickoff of the 5th season of the Petworth Jazz Project was a good time -- crowded with people picnicking, kids playing and some really great music, and capped off a long day of Petworth activities. Big kudos to Tom Pipkin, the passionate organizer behind the Project.

I was able to chat with the percussionist Joe Kennedy, Jr (aka "Rainbow Joe") and he had a good time playing for the kids (he does drum workshops and lessons, if you're interested) and the kids had a great time playing instruments and dancing around the park.

Sara Herrera Kopetchney from Petworth Dance Project and Tom Pipkin of Petworth Jazz Project.

While I was waiting for the Donvonte McCoy Quintet to come on, I met Sara Herrera Kopetchney, who runs the Petworth Dance Project. The next two upcoming shows for the Dance Project sound really interesting. June 13 is a modern dance, and July 11th is a water show (taking place in the spray park, how cool is that?). Check them out on Facebook.

The Donvonte McCoy Quintet was a very talented 4 piece jazz band. The saxophonist was killing it, and Donvonte completely earns his reputation as the best trumpeter in DC. Check out the video and pics below.

The next Petworth Jazz Project is June 27 at the Petworth Park.