Petworth Community Market opens and it's great

Wow, the Petworth Community Market is kickin’ this morning. I just got back and it’s crowded with residents and a ton of vendors. 

There’s meat and sausage from the Meat Crafters, really cute (and tasty looking) individual-sized pies from Teeny Pies, tomato-free ketchup from ‘Chups, kimchi from Number One Sons and lots of veggies and bread. I seriously would not be surprised if this is the biggest opening day the Market has had.

Come by to pick up veggies from the Community Farmer’s Alliance and Radix Farms, beautiful apples and cool sunchokes from Kuhn’s.

I only spoke with a few vendors this time, but they’re all great. 

I stopped by Number One Sons and asked Margot (who lives nearby on Webster St NW) what they’re selling, and she said “fermentation!” No joke, they have some very yummy looking kimchi, and the super sour green beans are insanely good. If you want some, hurry up. I’m headed back to buy them out. 

‘Chips is selling tomato-free ketchup, and it’s GOOD. I tried the mango and the spicy pineapple, but the cherry was my favorite. Kori Wallace, who runs ‘Chups with her husband Matt and lives in Shaw, said they started the business after Matt had an idea for some leftover cherries. Man is a genius. (Also, thumbs up to the George Castanza sign about not double-dipping when tasting, lol). Their mango-flavored ketchup won a “Good Food” award recently, so don’t miss this tasty condiment.

The National Building Museum has a table set up displaying the design work by students (they’ll be presenting at the Petworth Library at 1pm). The students redesigned the layout of today’s Market, and came up with ideas like the Tic-Tac-Tomato play area and other community-focused elements. They did a great job.

Check out the photos and be sure to visit. They close at 1pm today, and are open every Saturday through November.

This is just another way the Petworth rocks

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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