Connect with a Petworth area listserv to stay informed

If you’re already a member of a listserv, then you know about the plethora of information out there from neighbors, some useful, some not so much. But some people, long-time residents and new comers alike, don’t know all the different options available to stay informed on events and information in the area. To help that, I’ve put together a new page on Petworth News with a list of area listservs that you might find useful. 

So what’s a listserv? They’re email lists that distribute messages to a wide audience — send one email and hundreds or thousands of people who are subscribed will receive it. You can subscribe to a listserv and choose to receive daily or digest version emails, and you can send messages to the group by sending one email to a special address. 

There are many Yahoo and Google email listservs in the Petworth area. Some are public and easy to join, others are restricted and require new members to request access or ask permission to join. You’ll have to have a free Yahoo account or a Google account to use the listservs. 

If you’re looking for a contractor, have a question about an event or want some advice from neighbors or want to know why there’s a helicopter circling your house, the listservs can be a good resource.

For example, when you see police activity or want to know the status of a recent crime, the MPD-4 listserv, managed by MPD Fourth District, is the best way to keep up with crime issues. 4D Commander Manlapaz is pretty active on the listserv, as are Inspector Parker and the PSA lieutenants. Even Chief Lanier reads and responds on the MPD listservs.

Some lists have moderators who will manage content that is sent to the listserv (removing spam and repeated messages, tamping down on email arguments), some lists are wild wests. You’ll discover which is which.

Check out the Listserv page and feel free to contact me if I missed listservs in the surrounding area that you think should be added.