October draft agenda for ANC 4C meeting, Thursday Oct 13th

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C is meeting on Thursday, October 13th for the October meeting. (The meeting was moved from the normal Wednesday to accommodate the Jewish holidays.) Below is the draft agenda. DC Delegate to Congress Eleanor Holmes Norton will be at the meeting.

Commissioners' surnames and single-member districts connected with that agenda item are noted in parentheses.

Link: ANC 4C

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call and introduction of Commissioners

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Reading and Approval of the September, 2016 Meeting Minutes

5. Treasurer's Report (SMD 4C04 Commissioner Halpern)

6. FY 2017 ANC 4C Budget (SMD 4C04 Halpern)

7. Agency & elected officials' announcements (3 minutes each) including but not limited to:

    (a) Office of Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd

    (b) Executive Office of the Mayor / Office of Community Relations and Services

8. Community Comment (2 minutes each)


1. DC Statehood, Executive Office of the Mayor (SMD 4C06 Commissioner/ Chair Galloway)

2. Letter to the Office of Planning asking for the release of $25,000 for an arts project along 14th St NW (SMD 4C01 Commissioner Uqdah)

3. Resolution pertaining to DDOT Rock Creek East Livability II Study Final Recommendations (SMD 4C07 Commissioner Hayworth)

4. Overview of the process for amendments to the Office of Planning's Comprehensive Plan (SMD 4C01 Commissioner Uqdah)

5. Presentation on plans for the development of 5100 Georgia Avenue NW (SMD 4C02 Commissioner Barry)

Board of Zoning Adjustment

1. Update on 1117 Allison Street NW (SMD 4C01 Commissioner Uqdah)

Historic Preservation Review Board

1. Status report on plans for 7 Grant Circle NW (SMD 4C09 Commissioner Martin)

ABRA - Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration / ABC License Renewals

1. Turntable Restaurant, 5802 Georgia Avenue NW. ABRA-025778 (SMD 4C01 Commissioner Uqdah)

2. Sabor Latino Bar and Grill, 3910 14th Street NW. ABRA-84113 (SMD 4C04 Commissioner Halpern)


1. 1400 block of Shepherd Street NW Halloween Block Party (SMD 4C04 Commissioner Halpern)

2. 100 block of Varnum Street NW Block Party (SMD 4C10 Commissioner Goodman)


1. Matter concerning the Standard of Ethics and Behavior (SMD 4C10 Commissioner Goodman)

    (May be postponed to the November meeting or taken up in a special, properly noticed public meeting)

Questions? Please contact individual Commissioners.