There's a new "Petworth Project" and it's going to be awesome

There's the Petworth Jazz Project, which is awesome. Professional musicians playing for free to a crowd of neighbors enjoying DC summer evenings? Awesome. Then there's the Petworth Dance Project, it too is awesome. Professional dance companies, performing for free among a crowd of neighbors? Awesome. Now, there's a new thing... 


Say hello to the new "Petworth Jazzercise Project!"

If you've never heard of Jazzercise, it's because you're young and probably full of energy. You probably hike, bike, drink local micro-brews and live in a group home. That's cool. But some of us remember the days of leg warmers, funny hair-dos and overly enthusiastic instructors making people sweat. It's time to bring that back with the new Petworth Jazzercise Project!

Cool local Jazz or Dance projects might sound trendy, but do they last? Not like Jazzercise! It's lasted for decades, and if you come dance and sweat with your neighbors, you might last for a few extra decades as well.

"Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping fitness program that gets you results…fast. It’s a calorie-torching, hip swiveling dance party with a hot playlist to distract you from the burn." (from

"I like jazz, that's why I created the Petworth Jazz Project," said Tom Bipkin, the guy who creates all those other Petworth events that you love. "But I really love the idea of Jazzercize -- I'm thinking we can do a mash-up of jazz musicians with DC go-go bands and get people really dancing out on the lawn at Petworth Park!"

"I also love this idea," said Sara Hurrahrah, creator of the Petworth Dance Project, First Fridays and other spectacular artsy programs that happen regularly along Upshur Street. "It's the perfect blend of dance and music. Wish I had thought of it first!"

So make some noise, sweat to the music and dance your way to feeling great. (Leg warmers to be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis -- so get there early!)

Come join your neighbors at Petworth Park on April 1st!